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The Africa Range, a brand that specialises in granite slabs sourced from the deserts of Namibia. Because these slabs are natural stone and are essentially ‘raw’ products, like all natural stone, products from this range also require maintenance and sealing in order to get the best out of each slab and to ensure they retain their look and feel. Granite is durable, but can contain natural cracks and fissures and tend to be porous. Regular care will ensure this natural surface lasts beautifully.

Available Africa Range natural stone / granite materials

Born in the Namibian desert, our natural stone / granite are traditionally available in the polished or honed (smooth | unpolished) finish and gaining in popularity for the outdoors is the flamed (rough textured) finish. Other finishes include: caress, brushed, bush hammered or otherwise textured by one of many industry applications.


African Dream Gold


African Ivory

African Tapestry


Golden Cascade

Ivory Coast

Ivory Tusk


Juperana Lorean

Juperana Tier Ivory

Juperana Tier With Red

Nebson Gold

Niagara Gold

Premium Black


Sage Brush

Silver Cream


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